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Cradle of cultivation and leadership for tomorrow’s digital world

Creative & Cultural Technologies, Digital Arts, Digital Storytelling, User Experience Design, and Smart Environments

The Digital Content and Technologies(DCT) Program of National Chengchi University is the nationwide premiere graduate program that integrates the College of Communications and College of Sciences (Department of Computer Science) together.

Starting its preparation since June 2008, DCT was formally established in the Fall of 2009 and set up its Bachelor’s Program (double major) in 2011.

DCT offers a high-quality environment to develop digital storytelling, interaction research, new media art, and new media technology innovation, which students can acquire cross-disciplinary expertise in humanism, IT design, technical skills, and become leaders in creation, design, project management, and system development of the future digital content industry.

As what “Digital content creation and comprehensive execution ability” indicates, we aim to cultivate talents which possess the skills in storytelling, information technology, digital content applications in a global and humanitarian context.

Combining the world’s trends of industrial research and development in digital content with NCCU’s solid foundation in academic research, we strive to develop four main domains of interest: Digital storytelling, Creative & cultural technologies, User experience design, and Smart Environments.

DCT integrates the teachers’ expertise and research resources from both the College of Communications and the College of Science. DCT offers a curriculum that balance theory, practical applications, product design, creation, and system integration, with interdisciplinary courses, ranged from the domains of technology, content, and design.

The bachelor program offers application for students from the entire school in the form of double major. The master program provides two admissions tracks to prospective students: the communications track and the computer science track.

Dual supervising professors from across disciplines will be responsible for student’s thesis supervision.

Each group of research subject is consist of teachers from both colleges, which includes DCT’s own professor and support teachers.

Graduates of the program can pursue careers in digital storytelling creation, research development of innovative technologies, and other related areas in the IT and content creation industry.

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