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Graduate Program

1. Degree requirements

A. minimum of 28 credits (excluding master thesis) is required, including:

  • Required courses: 13 credits.
  • Elective courses: at least 8 credits. (at least 3 credits of courses related to communication category, and at least 3 credits of courses related to computer science category )

B. Course credit waiver stipulation for Computer Programming

Students are required to possess basic programming experience. After enrollment, students may apply for a course credit waiver with relevant courses taken during his/hers bachelor. If the credits cannot be waived, students shall take the course from undergraduate study for credit recovery.

2. Graduate thesis requirement

A. Rules and deadlines for reporting the main supervising professor

In addition to applying for special needs, the subject of student thesis should aim for interdisciplinary research in the domain of both communication and computer science. The student thesis will be jointly guided by professors from both domain.

(Students enrolled since 2012 academic year are required to report the main supervising professor before the 4th week of semester 2 of their first year master, and report the associate supervising professor before the end of semester 2)

Student’s supervising professor must be the teachers from DCT or teachers who have assisted in DCT affairs. (Applicable for enrollment since 2014 academic year)

B. Ways to apply for Master’s examination

Student’s graduation work can either be in the form of thesis or work.
Student must complete 28 credits(excluding the thesis) and fulfill the requirements of pre-requisite subject.
Student is allowed to apply for Master’s examination after passing the qualification assessment, which includes progress review of the thesis (work) proposal and the final work exhibition.


Progress review of the thesis(work) proposal:
Research purpose, initial literature review, research method and the expected results
should be included in the thesis(work) proposal.
3 weeks before the graduation, students are required to go through oral exam of progress review and hand in the initial draft of their thesis paper or the prototype of their work.

Final work exhibition:

After passing the progress review of the thesis(work) proposal, student must hold exhibition or perform thesis poster in the Art and Culture Center in late May.

If students do not attend public exhibition or perform thesis poster after passing the progress review of the thesis(work) proposal, students who conduct work as their graduation project can attend exhibitions or give a presentation off campus as a substitution, while students who conduct thesis as their graduation project can present a conference paper as a substitution.

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